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Choctaws Continue to Make History

The Choctaw Nation continued to make Oklahoma History, as they long have, at the recent unveiling of their Ten Commandments monument and 2017 Trail of Tears Walk and Heritage Day. What an inspiring day for the Dwyers!

The beautiful 2017 Choctaw Nation princesses.

Choctaw Chief Gary Batton and myself after I interviewed him for Volume 2 of



The Choctaw Capitol Building, built in 1884, two miles north of Tuskahoma,

Pushmataha County, Oklahoma.

A portion of the large crowd who assembled on the Choctaw Capitol grounds in Tuskahoma, Oklahoma.

The Choctaw honor guard, who led today’s 2017 Trail of Tears Walk.

All are United States military veterans.

Choctaw Tribal Council Chaplain Joe Coley delivers today’s invocation, in both English and Choctaw. The soon-to-be-unveiled Ten Commandments monument stands behind him.

The Ten Commandments monument unveiled today by the Choctaw people,

written in both English and Choctaw.

One of the many lovely settings on the Choctaw Capitol grounds.


The rear section of the Choctaw Trail of Tears Walk 2017, accomplished by a couple THOUSAND people.

The front ranks of today’s Walk, flanked by the church chapel that sits on the Choctaw capitol grounds.

Inscribed at the base of this monument on the Choctaw Capitol grounds: “Chahta Tvshkahomma.” The Choctaw Red Warrior represents who the Choctaw people are: Choctaw people are proud; we have the wisdom to teach, the courage to fight, the strength to survive and the determination to persevere. “Chahta Sia.” I am Choctaw.

Building for the future.

Leaving the Choctaw Capitol grounds. In the distance, you can see the beautiful

Kiamichi Mountains that surround it.

On the way home—Pete’s Place in Krebs, Oklahoma! You get your own room and all we ordered was two (delicious!) regular entrees—and this is what was left AFTER we finished eating a LOT! GO TO PETE’S PLACE AS SOON AS YOU CAN!

The immortal words during the Trail of Tears of Choctaw Chief George Harkins.

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