Ken Raymond, the Oklahoman newspaper's multi-award-winning Book Section Editor, chose John as the first interview for his dynamic new podcast "Book Marks." Click on the link to hear Ken and John discuss the latter's best-selling new World War II novel Mustang (Tiree Press), which City Sentinel publisher and Oklahoma Hall of Fame Journalist Pat McGuigan says "may be the greatest American war novel since The Red Badge of Courage." They also explore the men who inspired the book, including John's own father, and the roles that his dad, other veterans, Oklahoma, and his late-found Christian faith played in the epic American odyssey of Lance Roark in Shortgrass and Mustang. These books paint an unforgettable portrait of Dust Bowl and WW II Oklahoma and the world around it.

Ken is a veteran Oklahoman reporter and editor, and has been named the state's “overall best” writer three times by the Society of Professional Journalists.

Click HERE to see full article from newspaper site.

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