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Fire and Resurrection - Mount Zion Baptist Church

Mount Zion Baptist Church of Tulsa stands as one of the great sagas of faith and good overcoming tragedy and despair in Oklahoma history. Hollywood could scarcely craft a tale of such drama and irony. After years of toil, perseverance, and sacrifice, stalwart Pastor R. A. Whitaker and the congregation began worshiping at a majestic new structure on April 4, 1921. Less than two months later, the fury of the Tulsa Race War engulfed the uninsured church in flames, and it burned to the ground. About all that remained was a king-sized debt that only a miracle of biblical proportions could vanquish. It took twenty-one years of prayer, sweat, and tears, but Mount Zion’s faithful congregants eventually paid off the enormous debt and built a new church.


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