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Maurice Willows (c. 1876-1953)

his mild-mannered, middle-aged Canadian directed the American Red Cross’s monumental effort to succor ravaged and bleeding Greenwood in the months following its burning. Black Tulsa individuals and organizations unanimously lauded Willows and the Red Cross for their tireless efforts and sacrifice and Willows individually for standing “for our civic rights at home and a fair presentation of our case abroad.” As cited by historian Hannibal B. Johnson, the First Baptist Church of North Tulsa declared:

“We sat among the wreck and ruin of our former homes and peered listlessly into space. It was at this time and under such conditions that the American Red Cross—that angel of love and

mercy—came to our assistance. This great organization found us bruised and bleeding, and like the good Samaritan, she washed our wounds, and administered unto us. Constantly, in season and out, since this regrettable occurrence, this great organization, headed by that high class Christian gentleman, Maurice Willows, has heard our every cry in this our dark hour and has

extended to us practical sympathy, as best she could, with food and medication and shelter she has furnished us. And to this great Christian organization our heartfelt gratitude is extended.”


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