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The Oklahomans Vol 2:
Bonus Features

Oklahomans 2 spotlights for you a treasure trove of important features that typically receive little if any attention in Oklahoma History books. These include:


  • The Dust Bowl journeys of Oklahomans who departed for California—and those who refused to leave.

  • Fascinating overviews of World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, and our 21st-century Middle Eastern wars that so impacted Oklahomans and our history, as well as an unparalleled parade of features on Oklahoma heroes who shaped these conflicts and American history.

  • A compelling, eye-opening saga the likes of which you’ve never before seen of America’s Cold War conflict with Soviet Russia and China from World War II all the way to the present.

  • The historic deeds of courageous Oklahoma Christians on continents across the world, including behind the Iron Curtain and amidst other brutal foreign dictatorships.

  • A special “Sooner Magic” section chronicling the feats and legendary players that built America’s greatest college football tradition.

  • The scarcely-believable saga of Oklahoma’s fight to the finish against the Dixie Mafia, one of the most loathsome pestilences ever to beset the state, including spotlights on many of the gallant lawmen who carried the fight to these vicious killers.

  • An inspiring series of David vs. Goliath adventures between selfless Oklahomans who stood up to corrupt forces at the highest levels of state, county, and corporate political power, sometimes at the risk of their very lives.


A gripping chronicle of the Tulsa Race Massacre/Riot/War of 1921, including its historical background and context, biographical sketches about many of the major figures, and an unparalleled blow-by-blow, street-by-street account of the battle and its tragic aftermath.

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