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The Oklahomans - Study Guide
The Oklahomans
Study Guide

Here at last! The companion study guide to Will Rogers Medallion Award-winning history book The Oklahomans: The Story of Oklahoma and Its People, Vol. 1 (Ancient-Statehood)! It is compact and easy to carry and store, but packed full of exercises for all twelve chapters of the book, as well as the Epilogue. These include chapter summaries, identification terms, completion exercises, timelines, and thought questions.


Each chapter package contains:


* SUMMARY: an overview of the context and major themes and developments within the chapter.

* IDENTIFICATION: defining key names, events, and ideas from the chapter.

* COMPLETION: finding important names, dates, events, and other words that complete thoughts and/or information from the chapter.

* TIMELINE: matching a chronological series of key dates from the chapter with the corresponding, but out of order, description of that date.

* THOUGHT QUESTIONS: short essays ranging from one to several paragraphs apiece that interpret and explain important concepts, issues, and themes from the chapter.


Here is more good news. Such publications, when originating from the big textbook publishers, can cost up to $50 or even more. Our price for the Oklahomans study guide is only $7.50! Plus, if you order ten or more at one time, that price drops to $6.50, and if you order twenty-five or more at one time, to $5.50!


Chapter 5 example
Praise for The Oklahomans
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