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Heroes in Time - Robert E. Lee
Robert E. Lee


Picking up where Stonewall left off, John masterfully recreates the action-packed final years of the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the last years of Robert E. Lee's life. This book reveals how Lee's greatest service to America was in those latter years as he assumed leadership of a struggling Virginia college while dealing with disappointment, disillusionment, broken dreams, and health problems.


I still savor with pleasure reading Lee. So much good and truth so well told.

—Clyde Wilson, professor of history, University of South Carolina


Stirring . . . you can see, touch, taste, hear, and know what our forefathers on both sides of the conflict experienced.



Dwyer has an uncanny way of communicating the richness of real, godly Christian leaders. He paints a picture that is so vivid, it is hard to erase.

—Veritas Press


Robert E. Lee is an excellent follow-up to Stonewall, and a gripping novel on its own. Highly recommended.

Christian Fiction Review

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