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The thrilling conclusion, statehood to the pandemic, to the Will Rogers Medallion Award-winning first volume of The Oklahomans.

The Oklahomans
Volume Two: Statehood - 2020s

Three-time Will Rogers Medallion Award-winning historian John J. Dwyer crafts his mightiest epic yet. His second and concluding book telling the history of Oklahoma, from statehood to pandemic…hard and lovely, violent and tender, foolish and valorous land of the second, third, sometimes last chance. Feel the scalding flames of Greenwood…choke on the Dust Bowl… liberate Dachau with the Thunderbirds…brave the Pacific in search of freedom from Communism…order a Coke from a lunch counter that won’t serve you…feel the world shake as the Murrah Building collapses around you…shield your students with your body as an F-5 blows down your school on you and them…love and defend your Patriot state and country in the 2020s as others hate and seek to destroy them both…


More than 600 pages, 250 stories electronically expanded to this site, and 800 images, including maps, graphs, the images of Oklahoma’s official Centennial photographer Mike Klemme, and the state’s greatest artists, including Wayne Cooper, R. T. Foster, Wilson Hurley, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Mike Larsen, Ross Meyers, Christopher Nick, G. N. (Neal) Taylor, Charles Banks Wilson, and Mike Wimmer.

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