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Heroes in Time - Stonewall

Blending historical fact with literary flair, John weaves an incredible, heart-stirring tale of a courageous man who gave his life for the Southern homeland he cherished and the Heavenly Father he revered. History has forgotten that Stonewall Jackson, the legendary Confederate general, started amidst great controversy, the first successful black Sunday school in Lexington, Virginia. That he was a devout Presbyterian deacon who believed war was "the sum of all evils." Meet the man behind the myth, learn about Jackson's mysterious and stormy relationship with Margaret Junkin Preston, the Pennsylvania-born "Poetess of the Confederacy, and see the American Civil War up close and personal like never before in this epic historical novel.


John J. Dwyer makes one of the great heroes of American history accessible to modern readers.

The Daily Oklahoman


Stonewall is truly a fascinating figure and Dwyer’s novel explores him beautifully.

—Brock and Bodie Thoene


A sumptuous, sprawling, and scintillating historical novel.

—George Grant

I have rarely read a more compelling biographical novel. Dwyer's writing keeps the reader going back for more.

—Howard G. Hendricks


Stonewall put me to thinking about what it takes to lead a moral life...The world is a dangerous place for souls, and as we make our way in it, we could do worse than take advice from a Christian soldier.

—Conservative Book Club

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