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When the Blueebonnets Come
When the Bluebonnets Come


With the wistful When the Bluebonnets Come, John turns to contemporary times. This novel tells the story of young Katie Shanahan, growing up in the heart of bluebonnet country near Cotton Patch, Texas, her life mainly about gentle animals, sweeping vistas of fragrant wildflowers, salt-of-the-earth people of the land, and a loving daddy who is a preacher and was a football hero for the Oklahoma Sooners. But what her father Ethan finds when he trails a rabid dog is the beginning of the end of life as Katie has known it. Soon, a parade of unwelcome visitors descend upon Cotton Patch—an increasingly ominous "Family Entertainment Complex," a series of church burnings, and finally, division within the Shanahans' own church and even their own home. As Katie watches her father stand up against forces far more powerful than himself, she begins to learn that courage, loyalty, and honor are more than words-and they sometimes come with a high price.


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—KNLE Radio (Austin, TX)


Abilene (TX) Reporter-News

A must-read for Christian families.

Norman (OK) Transcript


True-to-life small town Texas, perhaps as you've never read it before. . . . The difference between Dwyer's story and so many other 'small town' novels... is that Dwyer is writing about the real thing, not some imaginary ideal . . . reminiscent of To Kill a Mockingbird."

Christian Fiction Review

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