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The Oklahomans Vol 2:
Finding Treasures

This book, like Oklahomans 1 and John’s Civil War opus The War Between the States: America’s Uncivil War, allows you to read from first page to last, or to pick and choose features, topics, pictorials, and sections to skip around to. To aid and enrich this adventure, he spent hundreds of hours crafting for you a deep and rich Index that serves as a major feature of the book. There, you can find whomever and whatever interests you in the index and move easily to all the pages where they appear—and to the expanded, QR Code-directed sections for many of them on this website—rather than wondering whether a particular person, event, or topic appears in the book. NOTE: The section on this site for which the QR Code for the Bibliography title page in Oklahomans 2 carries you includes updates and corrections for the book’s Index pages, for which we failed to include a QR Code.

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