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The Oklahomans Vol 2:
Keeping Track

One of the most popular features of Oklahomans 1 are its clear, colorful timelines at the opening of each chapter. Oklahomans 2 features even more vivid timelines. These keep you constantly aware of the timeframe for the events about which you are reading. They eliminate the frequent confusion faced by readers of other Oklahoma histories as to what year or even decade or era events they were reading about took place in the state’s history.


Another feature of both Oklahomans 1 and 2 that builds your confidence that you have your arms around the book’s narrative are their clear chapter divisions by decade. This differs from other such books that break their chapters into general, non-uniform time epochs or no epochs at all and veer toward topical rather than chronological divisions.


In fact, whereas some Oklahomans 1 chapters featured two decades, Oklahomans 2 chapters never include more than one decade. Most decades in the book, which range from just after Oklahoma statehood until the 2020s, are actually explored by TWO full chapters. This reflects the enormous amount of fascinating material in Oklahoma’s more recent history, as well as an additional division of decades by subject matter to help you roll with the thematic flow of action on various fronts, plus John’s singular, “down to the bedrock of Oklahoma History” work that longtime Oklahoma Historical Society Executive Director Bob Blackburn lauded. For instance, the 1930s are split into one chapter that focuses on the Great Depression and another that explores the Dust Bowl.

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