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I regret that my $4.00 matinee ticket has helped Titanic become the number one-grossing motion picture in American history. Had I known the content of the film, I would not have gone to see it.

Even more do I regret that droves of Metroplex Christian families have allowed their children to see this brilliant, larger-than-life epic—once, twice, thrice, even more!

Why do I make such a fuss about a secular movie? For two reasons—because of what the film is and because of what it is not.

What Titanic is, is over three hours of snobbish, greedy, cruel rich people having their way with the benighted poor. One can only wonder how the film’s writer-director James Cameron brought himself to accept from the evil rich of our day the $200 million necessary to make the film.

Even the movie’s one “church” scene portrays the haughty, self-sufficient wealthy barring the film’s hero from their service.

Ah, the “hero” so many Christian parents have sent their children to watch. He is a shiftless bohemian barely out of his teens—if out of them at all—who smokes, drinks, gambles, mocks all manner of social convention, and has lately lived the life of a reprobate painter in Paris, France, sleeping with that city’s women of the night, while painting them nude, the evidence of which the movie graphically shares with us.