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Riding the Shortgrass Country

Riding the Shortgrass Country, the eBook version of the prologue to John's upcoming novel Shortgrass, goes live on Amazon Kindle and elsewhere for only 99 cents. In it, Patrick O'Rourke and his six brothers have ridden a lot of trails since leaving Ireland. These include the Atlantic voyage, migrating west, soldiering alongside General Stand Watie and the Cherokee Mounted Rifles in the Indian Territory Civil War. Now only Patrick and his brother Joseph remain, driving longhorns up the Chisholm Trail. A ferocious band of Comanche warriors aims to stop them. Chapter 1 of Shortgrass is included!

Volume 1 (Ancient - Statehood) of John's epic new Oklahoma History work The Oklahomans: The Story of Oklahoma and Its People is coming early this fall! You can read an excerpt at the link on our book page.

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