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Oklahoma History in John's Hometown of Duncan!

Cova Williams and Kc Barrington

John prepares for his 7 p.m., March 16th public presentation for the Stephens County Historical Museum by meeting with Oklahoma History leaders of his hometown of Duncan. Executive Director Cova Williams (L) has spearheaded the growth of the museum and Kc Barrington passionately and creatively teaches the Oklahoma History course to Duncan ninth graders. The March 16th event, the museum's annual gathering, takes place at the Duncan Moose Lodge. Duncan and Stephens County have any interesting history? Not unless you count Coronado and the Conquistadors passing through, the U.S. Army's legendary Dodge-Leavenworth First Dragoon Expedition, Chickasaw settlement and the tribe's conflict with the Comanches and Kiowas, Plains Indian Wars battles including the famous one at Rush Springs in 1858, the Chisholm Trail and its millions of Old West cattle running right through town, the Marlow Brothers (whom the classic John Wayne film "The Sons of Katie Elder" was based on), oil booms, legendary lawman E. R. "Brigham" Young, teenaged female barnstormer Pearl Carter Scott, Depression Era shootouts between lawmen and gangsters, Erle P. Halliburton and his historic cementing process that revolutionized oil field drilling by separating underground water and drilling holes from each other, and the area's various references as both "The Buckle of the Oil Belt" and "The Buckle of the Bible Belt."

For more information about John's March 16th Oklahoma History talk for the Stephens County Historical Museum, contact Cova Williams at stephenscountyhistoricalmuseum or 580-252-0717.

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