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OKC Civil War and Oklahoma History Talks!

Andy Thomas’s Sigel Takes Aim

Andy Thomas’s ( Sigel Takes Aim depicts German native General Franz Sigel commanding the Federal artillery barrage at Pea Ridge, Arkansas, not far from present-day Oklahoma, that swung the key Civil War battle in favor of the North. Many Indian Territory Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, and other tribal members fought in the battle.


If you like learning about and discussing Civil War and Oklahoma History and you're in the OKC area, join John this Saturday or Tuesday! Saturday at 11:30 a.m., he gives his unique presentation, with colorful illustrations, on "The Civil War in Indian Territory" for the Daughters of Union Veterans gathering at the Oklahoma History Center. The address is 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive (click for map), on the NE corner of NE 23rd and Lincoln Blvd., across the street from the State Capitol.

Dugout Soddy on the Prairie - Wayne Cooper

Dugout Soddy on the Prairie, by Wayne Cooper, as it appears in "The Oklahomans," depicts homesteading life in a post-land runs western Oklahoma largely devoid of timber and other standard home building components. The earthen structure is partially built into the ground for support against high winds and other elements, as well as insulation against summer heat and winter cold. Courtesy Oklahoma State Senate Historical Preservation Fund, Inc. and Wayne Cooper.