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Old West History Comes Alive in Duncan

John sits amongst two great-granddaughters and the widow of a grandson of the legendary Comanche Chief Quanah Parker. He grew up and graduated from Duncan High with one of the ladies, Beth Cowan (left), and Quanah’s grandson, Quanah Cox, was one of his coaches. The latter's widow, Mary Frances Cox, stands right, and her daughter (and Beth's sister) Katherine Rogers stands middle.


It was an Old West history-drenched evening this past Thursday, March 16, as John spoke about Oklahoma’s Ancient-Statehood period before nearly one hundred people at the Stephens County Historical Museum’s annual fundraiser. He presented an extensive slide show and spotlighted numerous of the memorable Stephens County-related events and people from that eventful period. These included the Dodge-Leavenworth U.S. Dragoons’ peacemaking expedition to the Plains Indian tribes, the Chisholm Trail cattle drives, Quanah Parker and the Plains Indian Wars, and the Marlow Brothers (after whom the John Wayne film The Sons of Katie Elder was based).

John is an avid supporter of the Stephens County Historical Museum.