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Shortgrass Book Launch and WW 2 Vets Tribute Radio Podcast

Click to listen to KTOK/iHeartRadio's superlative talk radio host Lee Matthews and his May 25th afternoon drive program from the national book release of John's new historical novel Shortgrass at OKC's Full Circle Bookstore. The event featured a Memorial Day Weekend tribute to World War 2 veterans. You'll hear dramatic, death-defying, and in some cases humorous accounts of their combat exploits.

Also, John, Shortgrass publisher Casey Cowan of Oghma Creative Media, and fellow Oghma novelists Dusty Richards and Cecelia Wilson discuss with Lee the challenges, opportunities, and importance of writing WW 2 historical novels. In addition, Oklahoma Honor Flights Chairman Steve Coleman discusses that historic tribute to WW 2 vets.

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