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Ranald Slidell MacKenzie - America's Greatest Indian Fighter

Ranald Slidell MacKenzie

George Armstrong Custer, who led the U.S. Army to its greatest defeat ever in the Old West, remains a household name a century and a half after his death. Meanwhile, Ranald Slidell MacKenzie, who received seven promotions—and six wounds, including the loss of two fingers—in the Civil War, then led the nation to victory over the most powerful tribes of both the Northern and Southern Plains, is virtually unknown. In Volume 1 of "The Oklahomans: The Story of Oklahoma and Its People," as well as this new presentation and PowerPoint, I aim to remedy that. You will be glad that you got acquainted with one of the most valiant American patriots ever to mount up and lead men into battle under the waving colors of Old Glory.

Click here to listen hear my presentation for the 2017 Annual Conference of the Oklahoma Daughters of Union Veterans

Listening to the presentation as you watch the PowerPoint will cue you when to advance the slides, and further elaborate what they represent.

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