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Gwin Faulconer-Lippert's iHeartRadio Interview with John About the Theme of Fatherhood In His No

Gwin Faulconer-Lippert

Gwin Faulconer-Lippert, one of Oklahoma's foremost on-air radio personalities, interviewed John on her KTOK Radio/iHeartRadio program Father's Day evening. They explored the recurrent theme of Fatherhood in his novels. These include:

Stonewall - Orphaned child Tom (later Stonewall) Jackson's ceaseless pursuit for order and certainty following the loss of his mother, father, brother, and sister in his youth, and particularly a search for a (heavenly as it turned out) father figure.

Robert E. Lee - A—if not the—driving force in this great and good man’s life seems to have been to live up to the stature of his own father—famed Revolutionary War hero “Light Horse” Harry Lee--and his (Robert’s) idol, George Washington, who was the step-great-grandfather of Robert’s wife Mary Custis Lee. Lee’s famed Arlington (now Arlington National Cemetery) was built by Mary’s father partly as a shrine to Washington.

When the Bluebonnets Come - A grown woman looks back on her Texas childhood and the lessons that have guided her life from her father, a small town pastor and former Oklahoma Sooner football great, who stood against powerful and sinister outside commercial forces.

Shortgrass - Dust Bowl farm boy Lance Roark reveres his father, who married into Lance’s mom’s Mennonite family as a rowdy Irish-American lad in early Oklahoma, then sacrificed much during the Mennonites’ WW 1 persecution, and more still for Lance’s family during the Dust Bowl and Great Depression.

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