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Retired OU Prof’s Auschwitz Survival Story

Dr. Leon Zelby, wearing the hat he sported during his days as an Oklahoma horseman.


The saga of Norman resident Leon Zelby, Ph. D. professor emeritus at the University of Oklahoma School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is a startling reminder that even now, we live amidst epic history. Also, why I think that Vol. 2 of (Will Rogers Medallion Finalist) The Oklahomans will be even better than Vol. 1.

This brilliant, gregarious gentleman of ninety-two was living the somewhat frolicsome life of a well-educated fourteen-year-old Jewish boy in 1939 Poland when Nazi Germany unleashed its fearsome blitzkrieg on the nation. His parents were attending the New York City World’s Fair and he would not see them again until after the war. He was staying with his grandparents and after Hitler’s soldiers took them away, he would never see them again.