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Oklahomans Study Guides Ready!

The Oklahomans Study Guide

We have received scores of requests for a study guide to accompany Will Rogers Medallion Award-winning The Oklahomans: The Story of Oklahoma and Its People, Vol. 1, Ancient-Statehood. We are excited to announce that they are now available! They are compact and easy to carry and store, but packed full of exercises for all twelve chapters of the book, as well as the Epilogue. These include chapter summaries, identification terms, completion exercises, timelines, and thought questions.

Here is more good news. Such publications, when originating from the big textbook publishers, can cost up to $50 or even more. Our price for the Oklahomans study guide is only $7.50! Plus, if you order ten or more at one time, that price drops to $6.50, and if you order twenty-five or more at one time, to $5.50!

The Oklahomans - Study guide sample

The Oklahomans Study guide page

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