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John Dwyer Introduces Mustang Hero Lance Roark

In this 90-second blurb, John talks about American aviator Lance Roark, the hero of his new World War II novel Mustang. The book releases 5-7 pm, Thursday, May 23rd, just in time for Memorial Day, at a big Full Circle Bookstore party on the main floor of 50 Penn Place in OKC. Through Lance and his best buddy, (real life) war hero and college football hall of famer Waddy Young, you'll learn the stunning true story of what it took for American airmen to win the war in the skies over Europe so the soldiers could win on the ground below.

You can pre order Mustang now from Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Or call Full Circle (405-842-2900), Best of Books (405-340-9202) or Putnam Six Bookstore (580-297-5089).


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