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Tulsa’s Great Pat Campbell 1170 AM Radio Talk Show

LISTEN to my interview on Tulsa’s great Pat Campbell 1170 AM radio talk show about the feats and sacrifices of Oklahoma aviators in World War II.

So grateful for the privilege of joining Tulsa radio icon Pat Campbell on his KFAQ Talk 1170 AM morning talk show. We discussed the legendary feats of America's, and in particular Oklahoma's, courageous World War II aviators to defeat the most fearsome air force in history to that point, the German Luftwaffe. U.S. flyboys had to win the skies over Europe so the soldiers could land on Normandy's beaches and win the war on the ground. Our young airmen paid a terrifying, largely unknown, toll to do so. We also discuss Pat's Scottish grandfather and my dad, and their roles in the war.

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