Oklahoma History 2020 Radio Interview

The most requested interview posting we’ve ever had. KTOK 1000 AM and iHeartRadio star Gwin Faulconer-Lippert interviews John about the Oklahoma History that is surging into us from all sides TODAY. The state’s greatest historical monuments under fire…tribal reservations reinstated…a terrifying pandemic that won’t quit…political and racial conflict…protests and destruction…attacks against America itself…

Next year’s publication of Vol. 2 of THE OKLAHOMANS already shaped up to be a much more emotionally powerful book than the Will Rogers Medallion Award-winning Vol. 1. But now it will roll right up to today, demanding an entire, additional chapter just on 2020, the most electrifying year since World War II!

Oklahoma History is not consigned to the past and it certainly is not dead. It has never been more alive than right now. WE are now its makers, not just its students. Listen to this dramatic new interview and find out why!

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