Hear Our First Oklahoma Gold Podcast! Comparing Covid & the Spanish Flu

We’re excited to team with KTOK 1000 AM in Oklahoma City, iHeartRadio, and their star on-air personality Gwin Faulconer-Lippert in OKLAHOMA GOLD!, an inspiring new weekly Oklahoma History program! OKLAHOMA GOLD! airs on KTOK every Sunday evening at 7:00 Central time, as well as online HERE!

In future weeks, we’ll post podcasts of all these programs elsewhere on this site. But you can hear this past Sunday’s opening show, where John and Gwin compare the current, Chinese-birthed Covid-19 pandemic with the worldwide Spanish Influenza horror of a century ago, by clicking just below!

Indeed, almost precisely one century ago—in 1918 and 1919—perhaps the greatest human cataclysm ever took place. The infamous Spanish Flu killed as many as 100 million people—5% of the world’s population. John and Gwin explore the remarkable connection between Oklahoma and the Spanish Flu pandemic, what happened in the Sooner State, and how 2020’s Covid-19 pandemic is not the first time the state, the nation, and the world have been rocked by a rampaging disease.

Nurses, other workers, and afflicted soldiers, some of them Oklahomans, in an emergency hospital at Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kansas, during the 1918 Spanish Influenza epidemic. Courtesy National Museum of Health and Medicine.


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