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America’s Second Congresswoman! Podcast!

Alice Mary Robertson of Muskogee was the devout scion of one of Oklahoma’s most famous and valiant bloodlines. She established a Christian mission to the Creek Indians, ran the Native girls boarding school that became the University of Tulsa, was America’s first female Class A Post Office Postmaster, and won election at age 66 as the nation’s second Congresswoman ever.

Listen to iHeartRadio star Gwin Faulconer-Lippert and John discuss one of Oklahoma’s—and America’s—greatest female patriots and political trailblazers. It’s the fourth episode of our weekly OKLAHOMA GOLD! radio program and podcast. Future episodes explore the great heroes, events, and movements of Oklahoma History.

Alice Robertson presiding over the U.S. House of Representatives on June 20, 1921, the first woman ever to do so.

Alice Mary Robertson. Courtesy Oklahoma State Senate Historical Preservation Fund, Inc.

and the artist, Oklahoman Mike Wimmer.

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