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Northwest Oklahoma Debut of Oklahomans 2

Join Waukomis resident John at Putnam Six’s Northwest Oklahoma debut of his long-awaited OKLAHOMANS 2, story of the land of second chances, statehood to pandemic.

Don’t miss being there this Saturday, May 7th from noon to 1PM for Waukomis author John J. Dwyer’s mighty epic of post-statehood Oklahoma. OKLAHOMANS 2 is hot off the press, packed with 600 pages and more than 800 images of action, intrigue, heartbreak, and heroism. Dr. Bob Blackburn, Oklahoma’s greatest historian, declared OKLAHOMANS 1, “The best Oklahoma history book EVER.” Dr. James Caster, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at UCO, calls OKLAHOMANS 2 “Monumental…epic…hypnotically readable.”

When you plunge into this thunderous historical ride, you’ll feel the scalding flames of Greenwood…choke on the Dust Bowl… liberate Dachau with the Thunderbirds…brave the Pacific

in search of freedom from Communism…order a Coke from a lunch counter that won’t serve

you…feel the world shake as the Murrah Building collapses around you…shield your students with your body as an F-5 blows down your school on you and them…love and defend your Patriot state and country in the 2020s as others hate and seek to destroy them both.

Enjoy this fun chance to browse, pull up a chair, hang out with a colorful and LOCAL Oklahoma author and talk some history.

If you have not seen it yet, check out the overview book video trailer:

OKLAHOMANS 2 is packed like no other Oklahoma History book with heroes and imagery from

Enid and NW Oklahoma!


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