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Blazing Action: Oklahoma Lawmen vs. the Dixie Mafia

One of the great struggles between good and evil in Oklahoma History roared through the 1960s and 1970s between the people of Oklahoma and a loose, violent confederation of traveling criminals known as the Dixie Mafia. Shockingly, the very fabric of civilization in the state was threatened by this band of amoral reprobates, amidst a modern society that had split the atom, perfected heart transplants, and put men on the Moon.

Jerry Bennett (Instagram: artistjerrybennett), OKC illustrator extraordinaire and artist in residence at USAO in Chickasha, crafted this compelling set of graphic novel-style illustrations to show, not just tell, the story of this epic battle where the peace and safety of Oklahomans hung in the balance.

“Dixie Mafia: Terror” depicts these cold blooded killers’ unique method of operation.


“Dixie Mafia: Justice” explores how Oklahoma Attorney General Larry “Derryberry and His Immortals”—a moniker based on Cyrus the Great’s legendary Persian Army cohort, who left their station in the ranks only if death overtook them—not only took on the Dixie Mafia, they carried the fight to them, challenged them on their own turf, and beat them with both brains and brawn to rid the state of their scourge.

Derryberry’s courageous sentinels included decorated Marines from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, as well as Oklahoma and U.S. lawmen.