OKLAHOMANS 2 – Preview & Release Info – Podcast

Oklahomans Vol 2 Book Cover

Volume 2 of THE OKLAHOMANS (Statehood - Present) is written! Enjoy this preview of what one Oklahoma historian calls a “Monumental, hypnotically readable” book. Learn the release date and when you can pre-order.

Here’s just a taste:

Oklahoma…hard and lovely, violent and tender, foolish and valorous land of the second, third, sometimes last chance. Feel the scalding flames of Greenwood…choke on the Dust Bowl…go into battle with America’s first black Marine and first black Medal of Honor winner…liberate Dachau with the Thunderbirds…salute America’s two greatest war heroes from professional sports…cross the perilous Pacific from your Communist-overrun Vietnamese homeland…order a Coke from a lunch counter that won’t serve you…feel the world shake as the Murrah Building collapses on you…shield your students with your body as an F-5 blows down your school on you and them…love and defend your Patriot state and country as others hate and seek to destroy them both…

Join John and KTOK/iHeartRadio star Gwin Faulconer-Lippert for this exciting, 43rd episode of our weekly OKLAHOMA GOLD! radio program and podcast.

Enid photographer Mike Klemme’s spectacular aerial shot of the Great Salt Plains in Alfalfa County, northwest Oklahoma

The back cover of OKLAHOMANS 2.

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