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Oklahomans Lead Race for the Moon Podcast

America’s half-century Cold War duel with the brutal, atheistic Soviet Russian Communist empire was perhaps the most important geopolitical struggle in human history. Their epic race to the Moon became a spectacular stage to help demonstrate whether freedom or tyranny provided the superior path to human security and happiness. No state fielded a greater contingent of America’s leading space travelers than Oklahoma.

Get to know them as iHeartRadio star Gwin Faulconer-Lippert and John discuss the Race for the Moon and the Oklahomans who helped lead it for America! It’s the fifth episode of our weekly OKLAHOMA GOLD! radio program and podcast. Go HERE to listen to them all! Future episodes explore the great heroes, events, and movements of Oklahoma History.


Gordon Cooper of Shawnee after splashing down on his heart-stopping Faith 7 outer space mission.

United States astronaut trainee Jerrie Cobb of Oklahoma City preparing for takeoff.

Thomas Stafford of Weatherford and Soviet Cosmonaut Aleksey A. Leonov greet one another during their historic, internationally televised 1975 Apollo-Soyuz Test Project ship docking.


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