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OKSCAM – Crooked County Commissioners vs. Brave Oklahomans – Podcast

OKSCAM! Our new doubleheader OKLAHOMA GOLD! podcast recounts the massive County Commissioners conspiracy you’ve heard of—as well as the humble, heroic Oklahomans who rose up to oppose it that you probably haven’t. A pregnant, 20-something mom, a former U.S. Army paratrooper, a self-effacing family man from a politically powerless party—they were just the sort of modest, unassuming Oklahomans who have typically stood up to defend the rest of us.

Join John and KTOK/iHeartRadio star Gwin Faulconer-Lippert for the greater-than-Gump story of an Oklahoman who seemed to have MORE than 9 lives and made the most of all of them. It’s the 66th episode of our original OKLAHOMA GOLD! radio program and podcast. Go HERE to listen to them all! Future episodes explore more great heroes, events, and movements of Oklahoma History.

Bill Price

Native Oklahoman and U.S. Attorney Bill Price is one of the great heroes of Oklahoma History. He spent years pursuing a legion of OKSCAM criminals, overcoming countless obstacles and massive opposition.

Debbie Dixon

The young, seven-months-pregnant mom and leader of the Stephens County grand jury that opened the marathon OKSCAM fight against both the greedy politicians who had betrayed the public’s trust in them, and other elected officials whose help the grand jury needed, but who did more to oppose than help them.


Former 82nd Airborne paratrooper JL Byas of Duncan, a stalwart on the Stephens County Grand Jury that first took on crooked Oklahoma County Commissioners. “If those County Commissioners had just fixed the potholes in that lady’s (Mrs. Billy McCartey) road,” Byas later mused, “the story might never have come to light.”


The heroic Rufus Young of Wagoner County, the only Oklahoma County Commissioner who, disgusted with the dishonesty of other commissioners, volunteered to help U.S. and Oklahoma lawmen bring them to justice.


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