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Teddy Roosevelt and the Great Wolf Hunt

“The big white horse, Sam Bass, came bucking over the bluff and there was the wolf, dead ahead, heading for rough ground. One greyhound left in the chase, Catch 'Em Alive Jack Abernathy's own, right on the wolf's heels. Snapping a glance back, Jack caught one glimpse of the rider behind him, a flash of big white teeth and glittering eyeglasses, and then the flying white horse was down in the flat.”

Excerpted from T. R. and the Great Wolf Hunt, by Foster Harris, Oklahoma Today

President Theodore Roosevelt’s departure speech from the back of a train in Frederick at the end of his famed 1905 wolf-hunting trip to Oklahoma Territory, as chronicled by veteran journalist R. H. Wessell for the Frederick Enterprise newspaper, the forerunner to the Frederick Press:

“My friends and fellow citizens, I thank you for as pleasant a five days outing as any president ever had; I especially thank the people of Frederick for giving me such a pleasant time and letting the party alone during the hunt.

“It was the kindness of the people especially of Frederick, and of Oklahoma, and Texas, in general in not disturbing our party; for hunting and crowds don’t go together. One reason I hesitated coming here was because I was doubtful if I could hunt here unmolested.

“You never had a guest who enjoyed himself better than myself, and I will come to Oklahoma again. I especially thank your citizen John Abernathy, for his hunting ability and the party who entertained me. Also Ed Gillis, Taylor and Billie More, as remarkable an exhibition of pluck and skill as I have ever seen has been shown by your townsmen carrying a wolf five miles in his gloved hands, but (Abernathy) beat it today by getting a wolf which he tied to the back of his saddle, and then after a seven mile chase, getting another which he brought to camp alive.

“I will come to Oklahoma again when I hope you will be a state with your senators and congressmen. Good night, good luck and many thanks.”


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