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Vietnam Valor – Podcast

Never in American history has a war been more controversial than Vietnam. And never have American soldiers fought with more selfless valor. In this episode of OKLAHOMA GOLD! you’ll meet TWO of Oklahoma’s greatest heroes, Vietnam War legends Riley Pitts (top right) of OKC and pro football star Robert “Buffalo Bob” Kalsu (left with daughter Jan) of Del City. Braver and more noble men never lived.

iHeartRadio star Gwin Faulconer-Lippert and John unveil two stories that are guaranteed to both amaze you and tug on your heartstrings. It’s the ninth episode of our weekly OKLAHOMA GOLD! radio program and podcast. Go HERE to listen to them all! Future episodes explore more great heroes, events, and movements of Oklahoma History.

When you are done listening to this episode, you can read more about Robert Kalsu HERE!

Riley Pitts

Riley Pitts’ battlefield exploits on Halloween Day 1967 would seem like pure fiction if they had not been witnessed by so many other soldiers.

Douglass High School

The old Frederick Douglass High School in Oklahoma City, whose coaches, teachers, staff, and tradition, in an era of Jim Crow and racial segregation, contributed so much to building so many future Oklahoma and American leaders, including Riley Pitts.


Unlike thousands of other professional athletes, “Buffalo Bob” Kalsu chose to serve his country on the bloody battlefields of Vietnam because he had given his word while in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) at the University of Oklahoma that he would do so if ever called upon. Here, as an All-American lineman for OU, Kalsu, #77 on the bottom of the pile, clears the way for Heisman Trophy winner Steve Owens’ touchdown in the Sooners’ thrilling 1968 Orange Bowl victory over Tennessee.

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