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Chief Joseph (1840-1904)

“Of one Indian leader—and one only—nothing but good has ever ben written,” wrote historian S. L. A. Marshall. “Chief Joseph of the Wallowa band of the Nez Perce, although his story has been debunked and rebunked almost endlessly, still stands higher than his legend…Devoted to peace, without prior military experience, he became the central and leading captain in the most trying and skillfully conducted Indian war ever to engage the United States Army.”

“Filled with a love of country—almost worshiping the high mountains, bright flashing streams, and rich fertile valleys of Idaho—they have inherited and transmitted to their children a name for bravery, truthfulness and honor of which they may indeed be proud.” Thus did Thomas Jordan, U.S. Agent for the Nez Perces, declare of that tribe in 1882.

History has demonstrated how his description also provided a consummate reflection of their greathearted leader, Chief Joseph.

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