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Several commissioners claimed they thought the title “commissioner” meant they were supposed to get a “commission” off county purchases.


A convicted Osage County Commissioner declared: “I still don't think I'm crooked. I might have done something illegal, but I'd never cheat anybody. I've never had a bill I didn't pay.”


Among the many charges against one Wagoner County Commissioner were ordering county employees to work on his home, pickup truck, and dog house, and build barbecue grills, and ordering his secretary to clean the men’s restroom in order to get her to quit.


A Beaver County Commissioner realized, “I was not entitled to the money, but believed it would not increase expenses to the county.”


The County Commissioners Scandal in Oklahoma . . . was made possible by people who believe the best official you can elect is one who gives you $100 out of every $1,000 they steal for themselves.

Tulsa Today online newspaper


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