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Putting His Life on the Line

In 1995, the Federal Bureau of Investigation registered its own dissent with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and other state agencies when it bestowed upon Bob Anthony its highest honor, given to a citizen “who at great personal sacrifice, has unselfishly served his community and the nation.” Bureau Director Louis Freeh declared:

“As a result of his inability to comment fully on the case, because he intended to protect the integrity of the investigation, the press had a field day with respect to him and his own reputation. For over two years he was featured as a “snitch” and a political opportunist, as well as being the subject of several leading cartoonists for the media. It wasn't until the case went to trial in 1994 that the full story was revealed and Mr. Anthony was vindicated, when the full facts of his cooperation, dedication and sacrifice were announced in a public forum. In the interim, his campaign for a seat in the United States House of Representatives was defeated and he only narrowly won reelection to the Commission itself.

“In the end, two subjects were convicted of bribery, and a clear message was sent to the leadership of both the business and political communities of Oklahoma that such conduct would not be tolerated. Mr. Anthony, by this award, joins a very select group of awardees who exemplify the tremendous courage and sacrifice that people have shown—particularly people who have put themselves and their families' welfare at jeopardy to do the right thing to support an investigation. That is a critically important commitment—when one puts his own life and welfare directly on the line.”


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