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Folsom Calls the Missionaries West

Confirmation that the Choctaws must remove to Indian Territory wilderness perhaps struck the Christians of the tribe hardest of all, due to what one historian called, “the breaking up of the meetings of the churches, the schools and Christian neighborhoods, and the separation of the missionaries and teachers.” David Folsom responded, as follows, by imploring the Presbyterian missionaries serving the tribe in Mississippi to accompany it west on what became the original “Trail of Tears.”

Friends and brothers, we can multiply words and say much on many advantages that we have received. When you came among us good many years ago, you found us, no school, no gospel, no songs of praise to Jehovah was heard. Friends and brothers, we will give glory and praise to Jehovah in sending some here to teach us the way of life. It is you our dear friends, whom the Savior of sinners has been pleased in his own goodness to make you an instrument in his hand of what has been done for us.

Brothers, therefore we claim it as our privilege, as members of the church here and also we have the full assurance of approval of our head men generally that we humbly request the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions to send us many of the preachers to go with us. Those who are here, we would be glad to have them go with us to our new homes. We would offer the same protection and friendship as we have done here. Do something for us more beyond the great river Mississippi, we shall be in a distressed situation.

We humbly ask the prayers of the churches generally, and particularly the church which we stand in relation to (The Presbyterian Church). We need their prayers and help from them, as we are about to return to the wildwoods. We are your friends and brothers in Christ.


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